Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 20th May 2018

By signing into the booking system, all players agree to the terms and conditions of using the members’ area of the website for as long as their account is active.

By entering the squash courts’ building, all players agree to abide by the squash club’s code of conduct.

Terms and conditions

All players are to provide address and contact details in their profile page to meet with insurance obligations to the Sports Club, notably to be contactable in an emergency.  Profile details are only accessible to players via their user account and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the details are current and to delete any details prior to the account being de-activated when membership expires.

By creating a user account, all players provide consent to be contacted by the club by email for all matters relating to membership and development of the Squash Club, which can include forwarded emails about related activities and communications from third parties with an interest in the facilities (e.g. Playball, Wandsworth Council, the SRA, etc.).  Central emails will normally be sent from an email address ending @spencersquash.club  @mailjet.spencersquash.club  or @bookings.spencersquash.club and may be sent using an email distribution platform.

By creating a user account and providing a mobile number, the user provides consent for other members to see these details on the leagues and to use the details for contacting fellow members about arranging matches for the leagues.

User accounts are not deleted but are either active or inactive.  Active accounts have varying access rights to the members’ website depending on their role within the club and their type of membership.  Inactive accounts are typically accounts without an active membership and may be prevented from being able to log into the website but may continue to receive communications from the Spencer Squash club relating to the club.  For any enquiries or further information about user accounts, please contact members@spencersquash.club.

Code of conduct

All players agree to wear clean non-marking indoor shoes when on court, which means carrying shoes to and from the courts.

All players playing with rackets that have not been used for a long time must check that the grips are not peeling.  Peeling grips must be changed prior to play as they can cause significant damage to the floor.

Members (and coaches) are fully responsible for any non-members brought onto site.

All players agree to abide by a respectful conduct both towards other players and also towards other players of the facilities.

Players may wish to wear protective eyewear on court in line with England Squash recommendation (click for more details). This particularly applies when playing doubles and in junior squash, where eye protection is mandatory in competition.  Look for the British Standard BS7930.1 Squash on any eyewear purchased to ensure the right quality.

Failure to abide by this code of conduct can result in enforcement of the club’s disciplinary policy outlined below.

Disciplinary policy

The Committee can enforce a disciplinary policy for circumstances either resulting in a degradation of the facilities or in response to a complaint lodged against the club about a user’s conduct on the premises.

The disciplinary policy consists of the following levels:

  1. Verbal warning (and educating), when the user fails to abide by the code of conduct or there is minimal damage to the facilities that is easily repaired.
  2. Final warning (in writing), when the user persists in ignoring the terms of use/code of conduct and/or reimbursement for damages is necessary.  Reimbursement to the club would be necessary to cover repairs resulting from significant damage for which satisfactory evidence (CCTV / witnesses) has been collected to highlight and prove someone’s guilt.
  3. Suspension of membership, where strong punishment is necessary but without the necessity to terminate membership (e.g. first offence for a long standing member with a good reputation).
  4. Termination of membership, where there has been total disregard for the above warnings with unacceptable ongoing behaviour and/or refusal to pay a repairs bill for any damage incurred.

The level of disciplinary is at the discretion of the committee (or sub disciplinary committee).

Appeal process

Players have the right to appeal to the Chair of The Spencer Club, for which a review panel would be set up.  The panel would likely include, amongst others, the Spencer Club Chair and Secretary.

Enforcement of the terms and conditions/code of conduct

The Spencer Squash Club Committee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and rules of conduct at any time to meet with legal requirements and/or standards imposed by the Sports Club.

Any other changes are subject to procedures outlined in the charter.