Membership & Pricing

Joining the club

We have made things really easy to join Spencer Squash Club by using modern day technology.  All you need to do is to click the relevant link below and then email the electronic membership form to the specified email address, along with an electronic bank transfer.  It is hard to imagine how it could be any easier!

Membership rates

Our membership rates are very competitively prices in order to maintain a vibrant club comprising of a wide range of members.  We are confident that you will be attracted by our rates and that this will encourage you to join our club.  We offer a range of membership options to appeal to your individual circumstances, for example full adult membership, couple membership, family membership, off-peak membership, junior membership, student membership, 25 years and under membership and senior membership.

Membership Type Annual Fee Once-off Fee
Individual £155 £50
Couple £230 £50
Family £235 £50
Junior(<18) £50 £30
Student or 25 years and under £70 £30
Seniors(>60) £95 £30
Day Breaker £45 £0

Court bookings

Once you become a paid member, you will be activated within our online court booking system which you can access via our members link on our website.  All of our court bookings are managed through a live online booking system so that you can book courts whilst on the move up to two weeks in advance. The courts fees are £5 and £4 (off peak times) for a 45 minute session split between the two players. In addition to the light fees if you play with a guest there is a fee of £7. Our generously small court fee charges can be paid off through your PayPal account within seconds, making it very easy to manage your court bookings so that you can spend more time enjoying your squash at Spencer Club.

Late cancellation, Guest fee’s and No-show charges

There are currently four ways that you can be charged:

  1. Every card press is charged £2.00.
  2. A guest fee of £7.00 is charged if the same card is used on the same court within 25 minutes.
  3. A no show fee of £10.00 is charged if a user books a court and doesn’t press their card within 60 minutes of the booking slot.
  4. A late cancellation fee of £5 if a user cancels a court at peak times (i.e. from 6pm in the evening) and no other player books and plays at the time of booking.