Time to get back on court, full squash is on!

For those of you waiting to get back on court to play full squash with anyone, now is the time.

England Squash has confirmed the government announcement that Monday 19th July will see an end to almost all COVID-19 restrictions in England but our coronavirus policy remains in place for the health and safety of our members. You can play full court squash with different households, which means you can play multiple households without having to form a squash bubble or play modified versions.

What’s Allowed?

Up to four adults or juniors from different households can get on court at any time to play singles or doubles as normal.

We’re constantly monitoring the situation and plan to get group sessions underway after the summer.

What are the safety protocols?

We need to continue to observe current UK Government advice and guidelines on COVID-19 for your own health and safety, and everyone at the club.

  • Please continue to wear a face covering when inside a club/venue mixing with others you do not usually mix with (except when playing).
  • Ensure you disinfect your hands using the dispenser provided, before and after playing any games.
  • Do not wipe your hands on the walls.

Further guidelines :

Due to the Covid restrictions still in place, please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information, to ensure you meet the safety requirements.

Let’s work together:

We need to work together to keep our squash club safe and open.

Got a question?

Pleases get in touch with us via our Contact page.


Page updated : 20th July 2021