Squash Club Reopening with New COVID-19 Government Guidelines

Welcome back to the club and getting back to playing squash in line with the latest Government Guidelines.

Please see the following table for activities that are permitted from the 12th April and over the coming months:

Covid 3 Phases


The Spencer Squash Club coronavirus (COVID-19) policy is in line with guidelines provided by the governing body, England Squash, and has been added to the Squash Club website: Squash Club Terms of Membership

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

Only members with an active card or coaches are allowed to access the courts and play squash in line with England Squash guidelines: England Squash Coronavirus Guidelines.

All users of the facilities agree to the following prior to booking and entering the courts:

  • Comply with England Squash guidelines on Ways to Play, including social distancing measures in place.
  • Confirm to not be symptomatic at the time of play and will notify members@www.spencersquash.club immediately if required to isolate or symptoms develop within 14 days of having played.
  • Contact details under the profile section of the booking system are current for track and trace should contacting members who have played become necessary.
  • Read and follow guidelines on posters in the squash courts corridor and on court.
  • Apply disinfectant provided when entering and exiting the building and courts and also to wipe down all surfaces touched during play, especially door handles, using the spray disinfectant and towel provided
  • Bring their own water and towel to the courts.
  • Arrive just before booking slots and leave immediately afterwards, bringing a water bottle as the water fountain is not in use.
  • Only open the Fire exit, which will be unlocked, while playing on court 2 and to close when finished playing to discourage non-members from entering the courts.
  • Only members of the same household (e.g. parents of junior members) are to allowed in the viewing gallery.
  • Use their own light card for playing. NB No extra fees incurred as a result of forgetting to bring a light card will be reimbursed.

The policy has been added to the Squash Club website: Squash Club Terms of Membership

Booking System

The booking system is now open for bookings. On the login page, you will now see the following message that you must read prior to making a booking:

By accessing the booking system, or using the squash clubs facility’s, all members are agreeing to have read and agree to the updated  Terms and Conditions on the website, which now includes the Squash Club’s Coronavirus policy.

When you log into the system, you will notice that booking times are now 60 minutes rather than 45 minutes. A card press remains 22.5 minutes and 2 members playing against each other are requested to press no more than once each if there is a booking immediately afterwards, which is to allow 15 minutes’ ventilation time between bookings.


No member will be penalised for the time the courts have been closed, but the system does not allow for memberships to be suspended. All memberships that have expired during the period that the courts were closed will need to be renewed but we will add four months to the end of your new membership. All memberships that have not expired yet will have four months added to your next membership when next renewed.

It is vital that your contact details are current under your profile, so please check your profile prior to booking and/or playing. Please note that until these are entered you will not be permitted to book courts.

Ways of Playing

Getting back to squash will happen progressively and England Squash has provided guidelines on ways of playing to comply with government policy and there are notices on ways of playing on the notice boards outside the courts. Please read the notice prior to booking and playing squash, which initially restricts to two members only. (See Appendix Section below: Ways to play).

Members who are in the same support bubble are far less restricted in ways of playing, so you may want to create a bubble for playing squash. If you want to create a bubble of up to 5 members, please add your names, membership numbers and Bubble name, to the following sheet: Membership Bubbles..

The Courts

The door access code to the squash courts has been changed, all current members will received an email with the new code and new Covid-19 rules to abide by, please do not give out the door code to non-members! If you have not receive an email, please contact us on members@www.spencersquash.club.

Please note that the courts are only open to members for the time being, so that we can track and trace who has been playing. Therefore, non-members are not permitted to visit or use the squash courts, which will be reviewed regularly as Squash opens up again.

  • Please arrive ready to play, just before your booking time and leave immediately afterwards.
  • The toilets in the club house are open but changing rooms are not.
  • Bring your own water as the water fountain is not in use.
  • The bar in the clubhouse can provide extra water, if you run out while playing.
  • The fire exit will be unlocked and can be opened when playing on court 2.
  • Please close the fire exit when you have finished playing to discourage non-members from entering the building.
  • Only members of the same household (e.g. parents of junior members) are to allowed upstairs to the viewing gallery.

Please pay special attention to the section in the Club’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) policy that deals with hygiene and ensure that these rules are followed each time that you play. Failure to comply with these rules could result in the courts having to temporarily close for deep cleaning, which we are obviously wanting to avoid.


The courts will receive a deep clean each morning, 7 days a week, but members are required to play their part in keeping the facilities clean.

Please apply disinfectant provided when entering and exiting the building and prior to going on court using the hand sanitisers provided. When you have finished playing, please wipe down all surfaces touched during play, especially door handles, using the spray disinfectant and towel provided.

Lockers and belongings

The lockers are not in use for the time being and should not be touched.

Any water bottles or other kit left on-site will not be kept and disposed of immediately, so take care of your belongings.

General health warning

Please remember that you have not played squash for over 4 months, so don’t go too hard too soon as you could be at risk of cardiac arrest, especially if you have had the virus! We also strongly recommend changing the grip on your racket, which you should ideally be changing regularly, in any case. New grips and balls can be purchased at the Club bar.

Why not book a session with one of the coaches to get started? Book a coaching session.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need any additional information by contacting members@www.spencersquash.club.


Happy squashing!

The Spencer Squash Club Committee

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Modified version of squash – ‘Sides’.

An adapted version of the game for two players from different households. This cross-court version of squash is designed to comply with social distancing measures, with each player remaining in their own half of the court at all times. During the game, only one player should touch the ball and the court door, and players must not touch court walls.

All equipment and touch points should be cleaned and players must wash their hands, before and after play – NOTE: please follow standard practice for court care – i.e. walls should not be cleaned with disinfectant to avoid damage to the plaster.

The Rules:

  • Only two players permitted
  • The aim is to hit a winner or force an error from your opponent as in regular squash
  • Only one player serves during the match, the opponent cannot handle the ball
  • Both players must keep to their side of the court throughout each rally, using the full length of the court whilst maintaining safe social distancing throughout
  • If a player crosses into the opponent’s side of the court, they immediately forfeit the rally
  • If there is a danger of players breaching a safe social distance, they must call a let and replay the rally
  • Once a rally is complete, players switch sides of the court (maintaining a safe social distance) and the server restarts play

For full details of how to play ‘Sides’, see the video here.


Coach led / Supervised activity.

A range of activities and practices are feasible, if led by a qualified and experienced coach who ensures that social distancing is always in place, including by having clearly designated positions from which the coach can provide advice or lead the activity. An individual coach can;

  • Coach a maximum of five players from different households not in support bubbles per session, indoors or outdoors
  • Use multiple courts, with a maximum of two players per court.
  • Coach same-household groups or those in support bubbles, in line with the club/venue’s maximum number of members.